Tattooing Is Art

The medium may be different but the technique, sensibility, and inspiration are the same. Everything we do should contribute to art history and culture as a whole, and that means becoming better artists any way we possibly can.

That’s why we started the Creative Academy. Our mission is to give artists everywhere the tools they need to become their absolute best. And education is one of those tools. Having some of our best tattoo artists learn from masters at the birthplace of fine art didn’t just make them better at their craft—it reflected our philosophy that creativity happens when we all get together, push each other, and share our collective knowledge. It’s an idea that sounds simple, but in an industry defined by exclusivity, bridging the gap between artists and teaching each other can only lead to good things.

The Intenze Creative Academy is all about using art—regardless of medium—to push boundaries and expand what artists are currently capable of. It’s a fundamental principle that Mario started the company on. Through the years, we’ve learned that the more interaction and creativity we can breathe into our craft, the better artists we become, and the more possibilities we create. It’s a simple formula, and it works.

Going to Florence and learning classic figure drawing skills wasn’t a PR move. It was a statement. It was also an eye-opening experience. And coming together to work hard, study hard, and become better yielded some big returns. Yes, great art was created, but beyond that, innovation happened. The state of tattoo was discussed, techniques were challenged, and fundamentals were shaped.

We’re excited to share our experience with you, and how some amazing artists in a small studio in Florence left a lasting mark on an entire industry.

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London Reese & George Mavridis

Put some of the best tattoo artists on earth in a room with a master painter for a week and you end up with more versatility and a newfound appreciation for what makes greatness tick.

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Kamil Mocet & Moni Marino

Art is a journey, not a destination. Whether it’s paper, skin, or canvas—when inspiration meets medium, there is no limit. See how Kamil and Moni found an extra gear in Florence.

There's a Universal Canvas

The mediums may be different, but tattooing and traditional art share the same tradition and techniques. By building their skills in traditional artwork, our artists are making tattooing even better.

Mike Demasi & Murran Billi

For two of the best tattoo artists on earth, a trip to Florence was at once humbling and inspiring. See how the Creative Academy helped them keep pushing.