Perfect Ink for Every Skin Tone

A lot of factors go into creating a great tattoo: vision, placement, orientation, and design. Most importantly: The colors have to match your skin.

Why? Your skin is like no other. The nuance in tone and color make a big difference when it comes to the ink that’s going to work best—and look best—on your skin. And it’s not just your skin tone. How to work the needle and stretch the skin varies with different skin types, and an artist’s skill doing both can make a big difference in how a tattoo looks and heals.

Skin tone and type: Sometimes they get overlooked in the excitement to get the design you want. But at Intenze, we see them both as an imperative aspect to the tattoo products. That’s why we don’t just make the right colors for every skin tone; we believe it’s our mission to help artists and clients understand how to apply those colors and make them come to life on any skin.

While experienced artists get better over time at identifying and applying the right color for the right skin tone, they often lack a reference for clients who throw a completely new skin tone into the mix. On the other side of the coin, clients need to understand what effect their own unique skin will have on their tattoo.

Both parties need a reference that takes the guesswork out of creating an amazing tattoo, regardless of skin type and skin tone. That’s why we created The Skin Tone Selector. Made for new artists, experienced artists, and clients alike, it’s a tool that can help you quickly and effectively pick the right colors based on any skin tone.

Skin Tone Selector

INTENZE brings to the world for the first time ever a way to properly search for tattoo inks by their usability with skin tones! Not only can you find the most effective tattoo inks to use per every skin tone out there, but you can use this area of the store as a personal tattooing reference. If a certain tattoo ink isn’t featured under a certain skin tone, chances are very high that the pigment won’t come out as you wish!